Sunday, February 07, 2010

Who DAT?

I figure Sport's Avenue won't mind the marketing for them if I use their picture of what they are selling.

Today is the Day that I believe Peyton will show his KNOW the face...where he is bumfuzzled and voodooed by Da Saints!!  Who DAT??? THE SAINTS!!!!   Drew Brees and The SAINTS!!! 

Those who know me are aware I am NOT a football fan....but this year I got reeled in with the drama of Favre and Da Saints making their way to the Big Bowl in the Sky!!  OK well maybe it's called the Super Bowl but either way, I was taken in by Favre and hated to see him lose but if he wasn't gonna be there in the end, I wanted to see The Saints there, if no other reason but they have been LONG awaiting this DAY!!! 
It makes it sweet that a local Austin boy is leading the way too. 

So whatever your football food and party is today....enjoy Brees make Peyton make "the face" and oh yeah...enjoy those commercials!!


Ted D said...

Bill Simmons wrote in his column the other day that he's afraid the Manning face has changed to the one we saw against the Jets. I don't hate him but I'd REALLY like to see the Saints pull out a win today.

HorshamScouse said...

I was sort of trying to avoid the score (watching my DVR after work) but Ted gave the game away with his post.
Great result for Brees, the Saints and the city and I'll watch all the way through for the Manning face.