Sunday, August 22, 2010

Buch UP

The Rally Cry may have been Cowboy Up in 2004 with Millar...but another Texan makes me want to yell at his fellow Texan teammates and pitchers, Beckett and Lackey to "BUCH UP"  and start pitching like the Texas PITCHERS they ARE!!!!   Today after 2 Rain Delays....3 pitchers....11 K's...and NO Runs by the Jays, Buchholz (7 K's of his own)  His last 23 2/3's inning without an earned run!  15 Wins and lowering his ERA with each win!! Last 4 starts WON.

Our Sox are still in 3rd place in our division and 2nd place in the Wild Card...but they keep kicking and scratching all the way till someone shuts the door.

Talk of Clay being the next Cy is in the buzz....and nothing would make me happier to have a Texan win it.

Meanwhile back here in Austin....predictions of triple digits continue...high of 103 in Austin tomorrow. Can't WAIT :SIGH:
I don't look forward to October JUST for baseball........ 

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