Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I went to the Woods....discover that I had not lived. Thoreau

I took  path down a windy way somewhere in the middle of Massachusetts.  I felt as if I was repeating a path some had taken long ago.  I came across rubble it appeared  to me with roped off stones to an area to which I was unclear what it meant. 

the closer I approached this rubble of stones, I realized they were put there rather purposely for a reason or reasons.  The crowds around take away the solititude that seems to creep into the day.     Oh to have the passion and desire that Throreau had...to have the Purpose and Deliberate Life to do this.

 Seeing all those rock formations left by others...I had to leave mine.

But  knew mine would be special...apart from others. Taking time and patience to find the rocks and pieces to create my Zen formation....I came across a tiny piece....that I'm still puzzled by what it is.
But it was a blue star. It was perfect as I placed it on top of my Zen.   One day I want to live in the woods as Thoreau did.  Separate myself with others. Simple Life. 

I just wonder if they have baseball there


Rose said...

I like this. I think you and I have a lot in common, minus the baseball thing...haha! I could live in the woods, but there would have to be an ocean nearby. Hence, my affinity to California.

Tex said...

Rose, I took these at Walden Pond....about an hour or so from the Ocean. Atlantic that is

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm pretty sure any place you love that much is going to have baseball there. 'Cause if you love it? It's there, no matter where you are.

Or something.

Cake said...

Beautiful post, Tex!

(Baseball is where the heart is...or something. Hey, it sounds right, eh?)