Monday, August 23, 2010

Lackey Answered Buch's Call

So after last night's Amazing Game by Buchholz and his call for his fellow Texan teammates to BUCH UP....Lackey was NO lackey and kicked some Mariners BooTAY.  And not wanting himself to be outdone by the entire pitching staff last night??  He KO'd 10...count them T E N to the dugout.  He needed this, the team needed this....and quite frankly SG crew (myself included) NEEDED THIS or else I think they were going to take away my Texan flag I toss about in the games the Texan Red Sox pitchers play in.  I wish the picture to the right was better...and showed my Red Sox Nation-Texas tshirt (like the previous post).  What was so much fun on that Fan Appreciation Day was being able to connect without saying A WORD at first with Lackey, Buchholz  and then BARD!!! (forgot he was born in Texas) FIRST TIME EVER at Fenway, someone told ME they were from Texas! albeit only born and lived there probably a few months :)
STILL Once  Born a Texan....Always a TEXAN.

Now....Will my boy Beckett Bring IT Tomorrow??   I'm betting on it and will be wrapping myself in the flag with my boots on. Beckett better put his ASSKICKING Boots on if he knows what's good for him


Ted D said...

I'm saying Beckett goes 7 tomorrow and Damon agrees to the trade and Lackey and Beckett go out and get completely tore up and beat up 17 Yankee fans afterword.

'Course I'm really tired so what do I know?

Tex said...

I want to see 2007 Beckett. and I like that beating up the 17 yankee fans! Damon back in Sox gear?? Ill root for on the front not on the back...can we at least use the ducttape on his mouth?