Thursday, August 05, 2010

Year of the DL

I've really lost count at this point the number of boys who've been out on the DL at some time or another.  I mean it's been pitchers, infielders and outfielders....short DL's...long DL's, questionable DL's and over extended DL's.  But TODAY....Today's DL?????  REALLLLLLLLLLLLY???????????????  :SIGH:

 **pic by Jim Davis of Boston Globe

I hope Youk's thumb surgery and rehabilitation goes better for him than it did for me.  I wonder if he'll get a cast like I did? 

Not that I don't think we can hang....I mean look where we still are without The Little Engine that Could.  Every time we turn around someone steps up to the plate and fills their shoes.  Beltre's been a breath of fresh air...sure he knocked the breath out of Jacoby that one time....but other than that...OK so maybe he's run into a few others but his Grand Slammie tonight was awesome!!  Knocking the Indians on their tonkas.  Meanwhile between Scutaro and  VMart, they love ganging up on Beltre to rub his head...he's got some weird hang up for no one to touch his head and is willing to go head-to-head with you if you dare!!!  He's leading the Sox in batting average! .337  We're up 6-1 top of the 9th with OKJ on the mound.  1 out...and I'm hoping I still have this smile in a few.  **pic by Darren McCollester of Getty Images

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