Friday, December 24, 2010

All That Matters

2010 hasn't quite been the year I was hoping for.  It started off with my boss telling me he was most likely going to sell the company so I wouldn't be assured a job.  But that 'seemed' to fall by the wayside...then I had surgery on my neck to repair damage to one of my forward....when it came time for me to get referred to physical therapy, I discover my surgeon had a bicycle accident and now has spine injuries himself which meant it took me 2 months to get into see another surgeon before I could get referred to P.T. so I'm still behind in my physical rehabilitation. Then when I'm finally getting the rehab I need(at about $200 a pop), I get told I'll be laid off and my last day will be the Friday before my birthday. WOOO HOOOO!!  During the month of October I head home for a quick visit and I have a blow out!!!  Near disaster but I'm safe and get home safe......So I get my work car which is awesome!!! But then when it comes time for the annual inspection, I discover the catalytic converter is screwed up and needs fixing before it will now I'm waiting to see if I can be eligible for a Waiver after all of that I finally get things ready to head home for Christmas...when I discover a flat before I leave....:SIGH:  But after a good friend helps me out I  make it home for my family Christmas just in time for a great cajun meal....and laughs and hugs with the family.

So now it is Christmas and although I'm still unemployed, have no money for gifts, seemingly no job prospects at this moment....I have love of family and friends and that means more than any diamond necklace, any xbox, any ipad or computer, or any other bellsandwhistles gift you could give me.


Ted D said...

Merry Christmas, sis. Here's to next year being a WHOLE lot better than this one. My word verification? hoeses. Heh.

Tex said...

yah every year I say 'surely this year cant be any worse' and im wrong every time