Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Through Rain, Snow, Sleet and in the Buff

Everyone is gushing over Cliff Lee's decision to return to Philly and forgo New York and writing about it....but as I tried to figure out a way to give my own version, I came across an interesting story and ... well, let me just explain.

So I know it can be a boring job delivering mail...fighting off dogs and lonely women so "Joe Postal Worker" in Wisconsin decided he'd cheer up one of his customers as she'd been in a slump and stressed out.   Joe showed up one day to deliver her mail with a smile...and that's it. Nothing else on. But. A. Smile. 
Of course, it was delivered to her office so perhaps someone else complained as several days later, he was arrested.   The police who arrested "Joe" stated to the reporter that upon further review, the worker told police that delivering mail while completely naked probably wasn't a good idea".

YA THINK????????????????????    
ok Back to Baseball!

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