Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gun For Hire

 As many of you know at the end of October I was laid off from my position at the juvenile justice company I had worked at for the last 3 years.  At age 52 with all my work experience working in the juvenile justice system and with kids, I'm looking and wondering what's Next???    Well, I've been watching John Henry this year and it seems he's broadening his horizons and has bought himself a soccer team in Liverpool.  A Soccer TEAM!!!   And just when we all were sitting here waiting for the Sox to turn on the oven, they go and put all 4 burners on and turn on the stove to 500 freaking degrees!!!!!!!!!!  
AGon AND Crawford?????????????????????   Millions of Bucks being spent here and now they're driving up the sale on Lee for the Yankees???   Loving it so it's really gotten me to thinking...if John Henry has so much cash on hand, I believe he needs to hire ME. 

I'm open to suggestions as to what sort of positions he could use me as. My background is in juvenile justice and although I don't own these now, I previously had a badge and handcuffs.  So I'll be waiting for your input

Meanwhile, I'm developing a position that I could send me resume for that Henry would buy into and hire me. 
 I mean we're a perfect fit
I don't have a job
He has money
I need a job
He has money
I love the Red Sox
He owns them
as my good friend Ted said, "It's Density" 


Ted D said...

Tex, I've got it.

Personal. Security.

That way you can use your badge, probably carry a firearm, AND you could use that great "Inside" voice you've got. ;)

Tex said...

I don't know what you're talking about Sir :bats eyelashes:

Ted D said...

Bat 'em all you want; you and Trot combined could shatter all the glass in the Sistene Chapel.

Tex said...

hmmmmmmmmm I know I talk about it alot...I do plan on one day getting there....perhaps you should invest in a sturdy pair of earplugs with Trot and I in the same house