Sunday, February 04, 2007


I felt the need to re post something I posted in my Sox Sistahs Blog. With the beginning of a new season and my latest tshirt coming from josh's line of clothing, I feel compelled to explain it all.

The one question I get asked when people find out I am a Red Sox fan and a born and raised Texan: Why? Why the Red Sox? Where’s the connection? What about the Astros or the Rangers? Where’s your loyalty to your own state’s team? So I tell them…you want to blame someone or something…blame Roger…blame Roger Clemens and blame the passion of the Red Sox Nation.

In a state where Football is God…I became a baseball fan. I am not sure if it came about when I rode my bike to the Little League ball field to watch my friends play or because of the high school ballplayers in their tight white pants. Perhaps it was because I became enthralled with the way a ball came across the plate where a wooden bat connected and whacked it hard over the pitcher and shortstop, falling short of the centerfielder, while watching the batter haul ass around the bases trying to make a triple. Maybe it was how the catcher “sits” behind the plate calling the pitches, while the runner on 1st tries to steal 2nd. Or just that I enjoyed the sound of the ‘thump’ of the ball hitting the catcher’s mitt from a fastball pitched. It really doesn’t matter because at some point in my younger life, I became an avid baseball fan.


They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend
Perfect in shape and form
brilliant color reflecting in the admirer's eyes.
Each one different than the next;
yet all bring the same feelings,
the same joy, the same smile
when a man steps up to the plate and
Finally says, "Play Ball!!"

I did follow the Astros, that is, until Roger. I attended Lamar University, a local college in Beaumont, Texas where the baseball program was as important, if not more important than the football program. (by the way, Lamar is the alma mater of Kevin Millar) Coach Jim Gilligan made it that way and still does today. Following baseball, I heard of a baseball phenom at UT, Roger Clemens. I followed Roger to the Red Sox and watched him succeed. So blame Roger…he is the reason I became a Red Sox fan. So now you ask, why didn’t you follow him to Toronto or to New York (gasp!)? Because after following Roger to Boston…I became a more avid fan of baseball but even more so…a fan of Red Sox baseball and became a part of the Red Sox Nation. How can you watch the BoSox fans and players and not get caught up into the passion of it all? One thing I learned was Boston loves the Red Sox.

Make no mistake, I am a Texan so unlike some in the Red Sox Nation in Massachusetts, I still love Roger and follow him from afar, wishing him well even when he was playing for the enemy. So there, that is my story of how a die hard born and raised Texan gal became a Red Sox fan. And if you want to judge my loyalty or whether I'm a die hard Red Sox fan..just ask any of my friends, they'll tell ya.

Texan By Birth
Red Sox Fan by Choice


Ted D said...

Hey Tex: Great post today. Clemons is one of a few pitchers, Johan Santana and Dontrell Willis included, that I make a point to flip over to their game when they pitch. Roger amazes me with how well he still pitches at his age.

Nice to hear how you fell in love with the game. Our culture now is so fast, and they want the games they play to be fast as well. To me, there is nothing more relaxing than a 3 hour baseball game. Unless the Sox are playing and then it is high tension at Ted's house!

JET said...

Your loyalty to the Sox is inspiring Tex, being so far away but travelling all over to see them.

And hey, COOOOOL Texas/Papi/SG picture ;)

Tex said...

My friends don't understand how I can watch baseball on tv, that there's just no excitement, its long and boring, blah blah blah...I just say to them
"I Live For This!!"

Ted D said...

3 hours can go by in what seems like 30 minutes. I'm right there with you Tex.

Peter N said...

It's in my blood...Red Sox love. And it started in '67....before the season started. And ya know what? Who'd a thought?? I remember watching the Sox' last game, and I remember sitting on pins and needles listening for news of what might happen...the division was soooo close. And my parents, both gone, were sitting RIGHT there. Great memories!
Take care, and I'm sorry for yesterday.

Tex said...

sorry for what?