Monday, January 29, 2007


They come in and out of your lives…..for a reason. Some friends stay for a lifetime….also for a reason.

You have your childhood friends. These are friends who either you grow up with due to you live in the same neighborhood, attend the same school or church, or your families are friends. You form bonds, close bonds. You share everything with them, they know everything about you. Or they think they do. Then you grow up and go off to college or workforce. I had lots of friends in school, close friends who I thought would Always be there for me. The one friend I remained friend was my friend, Deb, who went to church with me but another school. Our mothers were friends before we were born and we all remain close even today. One story stands out that will explain why: We were raised in a church that shunned dancing. One of the local bars created a Teen Night where teens could dance alcohol free. So of course, I wanted to get in on the action cos I loved to dance. I went with my friends and while on the dance floor I looked across and saw Deb! We laughed abit and then promised not to say a word. To make a long story short, parents find out everything and my mother found out and I got grounded. Some parents find out everything but much later….so Deb is sitting eating breakfast at home before school when her mother asks her if she knew what I had done, ya know the “dancing” sin. My friend Deb looked right at her mom and said to her, “Well I was there too.” MY FRIEND, Deb stood up for me because she wanted her mom to know that I was not a bad person.

You make friends throughout your adult life from college, work or just through other people. I made a new friend in college, Pam. She was a school friend of Deb’s. She stood by me thick and thin with so many relationships and she loved my son as much as me. I introduced her to alcohol…although that’s not something to probably brag about. I reconnected about 5 years ago with an old high school friend who I was very close to, Rene. I have another friend who I met through work years back who lives near here. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of friends here, but these are the people I know I can count on besides my family.

But that wasn’t enough, now we make friends on the internet from all across the nation, all ages and cultures. I have met so many people off a couple of Red Sox boards, some who I have gotten to know quite well, some I have gotten to be good friends with. Janet has become one of those who I've gotten close to. We have this agreement...what happens in Ft. Myers, stays in Ft. Myers. We used to have the same cell phone service but she's changed....I think I may have to change cell phone services or up my anytime minutes. It's funny how something as simple as baseball can bring two people together to become close friends.

We allow people into our lives. Some we let stay, some we don’t. Some stay for awhile. Whatever the time frames, friends are in our lives for reasons we may see and reasons we don’t. Because of the internet I have friends from California to Massachusetts, from Canada to New Zealand. Everyone needs Friends…..if you say you don’t, you’re lying.


Ted D said...

Very nice Texas. My sister, Stacy, accuses me of only giving my family my name, rank, and serial number. I'm not a particularly giving person. But I agree with you. Over the last 7 months or so, I'd like to feel like I've made some new friends. A few I'd actually like to introduce to my wife and children. And you are at the top of that list.

You need to get back to NC someday, and I'll make the formal introductions. Thanks for your friendship, and I wish nothing but the best for you in 2007.

P.S.: You write one awesome blog!

Tex said...

I do hope to get to NC by next year. I promised my cousin who lives near Raleigh that I'd come see him and his family. I used to think it was crazy when I'd hear people meeting people on the internet and emailing back and forth and stuff then making plans to meet to date. But since I've made so many friends that is easy. I can't wait to meet Angie and the kids and heck the rest of your family. Like I said before some of my roots are in NC with my dad's family....and anyone from NC is good people.

Ted D said...

Texas, I really hope you can get back here. I want to say Howdy face to face! And Angie loves you already: Anyone who gives me crap and picks on me she LOVES!

You just let me know when you are coming: you have a invitation to a full course meal at Ted D's house!

Just be ready: with Rakes and Trot, it is one LOUD house! But we'd love to have you.

Amy Blue said...

tex thats really nice--its just too bad that josh and I wont be able to meet you guys at st--it sucks that we go later- u cant stay a few extra days??/

Tex said...

amy unless you find me a sugah daddy to foot the bill :) As it is, SotB and I are sharing a hotel for 3 nights and then a friend is letting us crash Sunday night at their place. my baseball fix is eating into my retirement fund! Next year ya should try and plan to go to the weekend this event is. It's for a great cause and we get to do baseball too. thanks for stopping by!

Ted D said...

Tex, time for a new post!

And remember to take a bunch of pictures at ST!