Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Sox FANatic

When you become a Red Sox fan…you don’t just do it half-way….it’s with your heart, soul and mind. It shows in your daily life, your job, your clothes, your home, EVERYTHING…it may take awhile for you to realize how much love you have in your heart for them….but you have this moment when it hits you….you are not just a fan of this team…The Team IS Your Family!!

That moment came today as I sat in my doctors’ office waiting to have my cast put on. I was giddy as a schoolgirl in her first crush as I watched him put on the RED cast. Yes…I said RED CAST. Ya see…my doctor found out that I was a huge fan and suggested we put on RED to which I replied with a gleeful look, “YOU CAN DO THAT??!!” He smiled. Well not to be outdone…I went home and searched till I found them, the temporary tattoos I found at Spring Training last year. And so I disobeyed the Doc…using a small amount of water I put the Boston Red Sox tat on the front. It looks real nice. I’m heading to spring training this week and hope this cast will assist me in getting autographs. You see….Manny isn’t the only one who can be goofy.


Kaylee said...

Nice Cast I saw that picture earlier I surviving grady yes I read that stuff but being 15 I probably shouldnt read some of it:)

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm sorry your thumb is all screwed up. But that is, hands down, The. Best. Cast. Ever.

Should get you plenty of sympathy autographs. GO for the Texan's Beckett and Timlin. With Matsuzaka getting all the attention, they should be fairly easy.

Tex, when I work it's shirt and tie. Any other time, it's a Sox hat, and either the Sox hoodie, Sox long sleeve shirts, or short sleeve depending on the weather. Ciera has a Papi and a Gabe shirt, and Angie has a hat and a pullover. Of course the kids have multiple hats each. Not to mention both cars have Sox tags, and the Sox flag flies proudly outside the house. Needless to say, if they can't figure out who my team is, they belong on Hee Haw.

Tex said...

I wish I had more money to buy more clothes...course I spend it on the games.

Kaylee..I keep forgetting you're 15..you probably shouldnt read my blog for that matter!! :)

Ted D said...

Tex, I shouldn't read your blog for that matter! :)

Tex, what I failed to mention when talking about ties was that 2 of the 4 in the "tie rotation" are Red Sox ties!

Keep the Fair!

Tex said...

uhmmm Ted...my blog may be R rated sometimes but its never X rated??

Ted D said...

My blog is X rated? Except for Scott trying to bring all this innuendo into it, I'm PG all the way!

Tex said...

dude...you wrote

\\Tex, I shouldn't read your blog for that matter! :) //

is mine Xrated?

Ted D said...

Nah Tex: you are PG 13 at the worse!

I'm sorry, I'm just out of it. With Trot rolling along with a 104 temp, it's been crazy here tonight! Kaylee has nothing to worry about. Remember, post pictures of ST for all of us stuck at home. And have a blast.

John said...

That cast looks amazing! I'm a bit short on Sox gear: I have a lived-in white cap, the series win black one and my Lester T. My dugout jacket's in a container somewhere between Singapore and Wellington with the rest of my stuff. It's due here Friday but won't clear customs until around the 12th:(

And Tex, if you get a chance, check your email:)

Kaylee said...

Oh trust me I hear bad language all the time at school this is mind compared to what I hear at school:)