Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's What Dreams are Made of

Credits: Pic at top off Boston Globe. Two others:
and for those photo burglars....Please Give Credit where credit's due if using someone else's pics!
I watched the game till around the 5th inning....I had previous plans to go out with friends. I left forgetting to Tivo it...HUGE MISTAKE. I'm texting Cyn about none other things but Texas (big surprise I know) since Clay is from Texas and all. I get texted while out from HS and me updates in code. Of course you cannot speak of the No-No going on....but I knew what 8-0 all zero's for the O's meant when hayes texted....all I asked was "is it over?" and "clay still in?" A "top of 9th" and "yes" respectively I waited.....text comes in "1 out" ..... then "2 outs" ....then of course TEXTING is just NOT good enough. My good friend Hayes calls me freaking out!!! I'm in this bar with music blaring but all I can hear is "Can you fucking believe this??" And I forgot to Tivo this. DAMMIT. Thank Pod for mlb and the globe's videos so I can watch highlights. I have 3 friends who were at the game...actually I think I have alot of other friends who were at the game too off another board. Kelly off SG has Stupendous photos and captures the giddiness of the event. I am trying to read every last article on it this morning. I cannot imagine what Clay's parents are feeling right now. This kid from southeast Texas, who dropped in the drafts because of the laptop incident he was involved with, showed Theo last night that he did not make a mistake in signing him. Clay showed his stuff last night and it was the stuff, as Clay put it, that you dream about.
I have a new Texan to wave my flag for.

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Ted D said...

Tex, First no hitter I've ever seen from start to finish, and it just happens to be Buchholtz!

What a great night for him, and Kelly's pictures just bring it right to you.

I think Moss and Ellsbury are in the lineup today: the future of this team appears to be in very capable hands.