Sunday, September 16, 2007

19 for Number 19

Josh Beckett brought "it" yesterday. If you were at the game or saw "it". I don't have to define or explain. Jackie MacMullan saw it. Even Mike Lupica of the New York Times saw it. Josh is going to be the next Cy Young winner or my name isn't TEX and I'm not the KickAss Chick of the F.Y. Brigade.
I caught the beginning of the game...saw Jeter's homerun....just muttered something like "shake it off're better than this" I left the house knowing it would be all ok. Afterall, I had the Commander of the F.Y. Brigade's tshirt on. Thank POD for true phone was blowing up with texts of all the runs scoring over the damn Yankees. Red Sox fans were in abudance at the ACL festival I was attending....I was happy to share the updated scores with as we high-fived. One Phillies fan leaned over and said I was sure brave wearing my team's shirt after the game on Friday. Brave I replied?? Why is it Brave I asked?? I mean I'm a die hard dyed in the wool fan of my boys...through thick and thin...good and or lose. I am a Red Sox fan. I don't root for my boys JUST when they win....I cheer them on when they are losing or having a bad day.
So today's game is about the Old Guys....a Battle of the Bulge if you will. This is a game that I hate to say I am missing. As much as my love for Roger existed for years...I hope he goes down in flames and sits his ass on the bench moping and sulking.


Ted D said...

Tex, your boy did you proud yesterday. And the ego wattage that will be coming off the pitchers mound at Fenway tonight will be off the charts.

Schilling will pitch a gem tonight: I can feel it.

KAYLEE said...


Stacy said...

Joshua Patrick did you proud on Saturday.

But tell us how you really feel about the Sox. :)

Ted D said...

Tex, well he pitched a gem: unfortunately Roger pitched a little better.

How you are still on your feet after the ACL this weekend is a mystery.

HorshamScouse said...

Hope your new job works out well for you, Tex. Good luck.