Monday, September 03, 2007

What's to Come...

THAT my friend is Camden Yard....smack in the middle of Baltimore, Maryland. It's where the Orioles play ball. It's also called Fenway South affectionately by the Red Sox fans....well ok maybe not affectionately but out of in-your-face to the Oriole Fans cos they do NOT inhabit their own park. Also, it's the park where many of the SGers are going to have another Gathering. We are going to descend upon Camden in force...FULL FORCE!!! We are going to have a professional(ok well she's as good as a professional) photographer, someone with a badge(moi) and a lawyer nonetheless I if we get into some scandel, we'll hopefully get out of it or have a lawyer to get us out AND have PHOTOS of it all :) Stay TUNE PEEPLES :)

The game tonight??? Good PORD! I was like sitting back relaxing...hoping to just enjoy a slamdunk win with it being 10-1.....the next thing I know the floodgates opened for the pesky bluejays....DiceK came out in the 6th....Javy came in and out...MDC came in then out....Nails came in...NEXT OKJ...then finally in the 9th, Paps. The game ended with a W at 13-10...the good guys.

Lowell hit a 3 run homerun in the 1st! Lowell not only stole a base but he got 4 ribbies, went 3 for 4, and scored 2 runs!! THEN theres JD who got us 2 Sacrifice Flys, a run AND he did NOT strike out! The Rookie Ellsbury is making his mark...batted .393, 2 hits and 2 runs...and YET another DIVING catch saving us from Frank Thomas hit!! It's funny how we're not looking to Tiz or Manny to save us any longer...everyone is pitching in-no pun intended.

Just when we thought finally DiceK was getting his Run Support...the BJays showed us they had some too....but in the end Our Boys Defended Fenway and DiceK's honor.

7 is supposed to be a lucky number ... not so much in New York. :)


HorshamScouse said...

I left after lunch at 10-1. Couldn't believe my iPAQ 2 hours later: 13-10, T9 Paps saving a game that was won.

Hope you lot have a great time in Baltimore. Pictures of Ted under the influence of weakwaters and any other scandalous behaviour to be posted here please.

Ted D said...

There will be no photographic evidence of that Horsham. I'M supposed to be watching out for TEX this weekend!

We'll cover you on the photo's though: should be a great time.

KAYLEE said...