Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Stars at Night...are Big and Bright....

Deep in the Park at FENWAY!!!! Ladies and Gents....may I present to you #19...Red Sox pitcher Joshua Patrick Beckett....who completed his #17th Win of the Season!!!! Close game 5-3...but I assure you the boys were backing up JP, particularly the rookie Ellsbury going 3 for 3 with his 2-run homerun...a triple AND another Stolen BASE. This boy is Making his Mark in Fenway and seems to be interviewing for a permanent job here. Josh pitched 117 pitches and 7 K's. I can't tell you how proud I am. I am heading to Baltimore to see the boys play at Camden and meet up with a great group of Sox fans off the SG board and could NOT be MORE excited.
This year has been great enjoying the games with others who love the Sox as much as I do...but there's one thing that I haven't gotten to do yet.....attend a Sox game with my son, Josh. Yes I know....so maybe you understand why I have this affection for Beckett now....its more than just that he's a Sox pitcher and from Texas. Next year...the plan is for my son and I to take a trip to Boston to catch a few games together. Until then...we're getting to watch them together here at the house...a first.
Ted...if you're reading this...I hope you packed your camera and earplugs....you'll need both. :)


Ted D said...



I'm meeting you for the first time on Saturday, yet I feel like we've known each other for years!

I have great man love for JPB: I'm even naming my next dog/child Beckett.

And yes: camera is packed, as well as earplugs, mace, and 911 on speed dial: I'm trying to cover all my bases!

This weekend is gonna be a blast.

beckperson said...


Ted D said...

becks, don't pout: next year, we completely OVERTAKE Camden Yards is some SGPALOOZA!

Tex said...

wish you were here becks

Ted...there wasn't much choice in the pics tonight...so aint no thang.

JP is tearing it UP...I SO wish I could get him to sign my flag.

im getting pretty psyched to finally get to meet my brother who I was parted from at birth...well...even though I am 10 yrs older. :)

Ted D said...

Tex, now you know kinfolk don't talk about age: you may be chronologically (big word, huh?) older, but I bet you can run circles around this tired old man.

And your little brother is equally as excited to finally meet his sis.