Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thank POD it's September!!

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Ok so today is September 1st KELLY :) and Thank POD IT IS!

Clay is returning to Boston and to the mound for Call-Ups. A few others will join him and the boys in our quest for for Red Sox October. Journeyman Corey will be joining the Relief Pitchers. Moss and Ellsbury will assist in the outfield while Clayton will help out in the infield. And I just learned that Lester is to be brought up as well. I hate the month of August. This weekend is Labor Day weekend...but I plan on relaxing and preparing for the jaunt in Baltimore where I will be meeting up with several fellow Red Sox fans off the SurvivingGrady site. I may not see Buchholz's full game tonight as I already have plans tonight...but there IS DVR. :)

Go Sox!!!


sittingstill said...

Tex, I'd love to take credit, but that shot's not mine. Think it's from or AP.

Yeah, I'm just gonna nitpick all day. ;)

Ted D said...

Jeez Kelly,

Give her a break!

KAYLEE said...

HEY I am glad Jacoby is up here love him and cant wait to see Ellsbury.

Tex said...

NO HITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KAYLEE said...

NOPE CANT TEX!!!!!!!!!1