Saturday, April 26, 2008

AustinPalooza Day 1: Round 1

Becks and Bobbers have landed in Austin. They are getting situated at their hotel as I type and I'm waiting for "the Call" to meet them. Then we head off to the Party above. Now do I expect them to eat Crawfish? NO...will I? high chance and as this is one of my fav all time meals (along with Papelbon) cos ya know....we cajuns like Spicy and our culture's food. I think I found the perfect 1st meal for the two on their anniversary. I have no clue how many years they've been married but I got their dessert waiting in my frig...chocolate covered strawberries. WoooT.
I know I've been lagging on posting but I promise to post this week to tell the tales of AustinPalooza!!!


Ted D said...


I'm going to hold you to your Austinpalooza pics. ;)

I used to catch crawfish in OK, but I don't think I ever ate them.

Maybe when me and the brood visit Aunt Tex someday.

Nice touch with the strawberries, btw. :)

Tex said...

i didnt take pics today but Bob did. Ill bring my camera the rest of the week.

Ted D said...

Tell Bob to email them to me, will you?

Tex said...

yes sir