Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Lost

What do you do when someone’s lost his way,
But doesn’t know he’s lost?
leaving signs pointing the way,
dropping bread crumbs to find their way back,
and raising a flag high so it can be seen
seems to be pointless and futile.
You can draw a picture to show them
Hold a mirror to their face…
Point to the crevices of darkness
Where they fell in…then guide
Them to the rays of light shining
From the mountaintop so they can see forever.
What do you do when the lost can’t see what you see?

What do you do when the lost can’t see the light
They’re blind to the goodness within their heart
And the decency in their souls.
You can clean the dirt from under
Their fingernails. Wipe the smudges
From behind their ears. Scrub their
Skin till it’s raw….
But still they refuse to see the pureness,
They are blinded by the sullied haze covering
Their eyes.
Do they doubt they are worthy?
That they don’t deserve happiness?

What do you do when the lost can’t find
Their way out of the darkness
And no matter how much light you shed
On the path in front of them, they stumble
They take a wrong turn back to darkness.
They look at their face in the mirror
And see no one.
If the lost cannot see the path before them
Do we gently guide them in the direction
They should go? NO…
Seize them
Pull them with excitement,
Pointing, guiding, being their eyes so
And maybe finally,
They will see what we see.


Ted D said...

Tex, is this yours? Very nice.

You really need to pursue the book thing.

Tex said...

yep, its mine. i wrote it about 2 weeks ago. if i can just get my real life together, i will even if I have to publish it myself. they'll put it on amazon and barns and nobles...

Ted D said...

Barnes and Noble would be lucky to get you, Tex.