Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pitching doesn't win games

Has Jacoby grown dreads? started wearing a blue do-rag? wait...that's not Jacoby stealing a base...that's Manny??? That's MANNY??? THAT'S MANNY!!!!!!

and then we get Commander KickASS kicking some ASS and K's around, 13 to be specific.

However, it appears that the number 13 IS an unlucky number as the damn Red Sox couldn't score not ONE RUN for our boys or for BecKett.
Last night Clay pitches his heart out and tonight JPB sets his own Strike-out record and STILL...NO ONE can help these two Texas boys beat the Rays.
Tomorrow's an off day but somehow, I'm feeling like the last two days have been off days. Can it stop now?? Runs now please.


~**Dawn**~ said...

After seeing the boys with my own two eyes, I have to say they look bedraggled. Sick, injured & just plain old worn out from three weeks playing without a day off. Tek looked like a ghost, he was so pale, and even if that could be blamed partially on the sickly "lighting" in the Trop, it doesn't account for the fact that he looks about ten pounds lighter than I'm used to seeing, and not in a good way. I hope the day off does them all good. Also? No more sliding for Papi. Period.

muse said...

Waiting to was Austin palooza? I was in the capital city last weekend...Interesting place downtown, hmmmm?

Ted D said...


Crazy game, Sunday. Listened in the car the whole way down just dumbfounded he was pitching that well and we were still losing.

Sounds like Austinpalooza is going well! And heres to the boys starting off a nice winning streak tonight.