Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jungle Fever

I have friends in Boston-area who are celebrating TomPalooza II. It is a much celebrated event, however, the parTAY isn't complete as Ted nor I are present. Next year with much planning, we will plan the Triple-T Palooza: Ted, Tom and Tex. You see, my friends over at SG don't need much of an excuse to party and drink it up...all they need is someone to say they are coming into town to attend games and the next thing you know....a Palooza Planning is in the works. Typically we leave it to the locals to select our bar of choice to hang out. I think we found the perfect one last summer at the An Tua Nua, a little pub near Brookline. We took it over last summer and made quite the splash. Tom Miles came into town and has been attending games with Kelly and Cyn but today, he's getting sloshed with my good friends Rob and JD, Hayes and Josh, Becks and Bobbers and et al. I'm not certain who all are there to tell you the truth, but I do know that Kelly left Steve there in "good hands" with the crew while she went to the game....and you can see what the crew has Steve doing or Who Steve is doing. I'm just wondering how we are all gonna work out the threesome when I bring my Llama to Boston in May. (editing now to add that Becks sent me this pic via her illustrious iphone.)

Although there is a rain delay going on right's a pic off the Boston Globe of some fans showing Josh some love:


Ted D said...

Tex, sounds like the crew is having quite the time; Miles is freaking HYSTERICAL!

The Triple T Palooza: I LIKE it.

Poor Steve. :(

beckperson said...

Man, I come home and find my handiwork on display!!!

Poor Steve and the monkey took a beating today. Candaon flung the monkey across the table and landed in a plate of ketchup - looked like a murder had taken place. Don't worry, we cleaned him up good.

Can't wait to see you and can't wait for Elmerpalooza - we are getting good practice, I can tell you that much.

Miles is freaking insane. Insane.

Tex said...

I just wish I could understand him. im sure same thing he thought about me :)

i meant to say how i got the pic...and realized now I didnt. I was gonna friends are partying and THIS is the pic they sent me ;)

muse said...

Partying and baseball the best of times...I soooo glad the season has begun.