Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baseball is finally here

Isn't that the most beautiful photo you've seen since 2004? I have to say that I didn't think I would be moved as I was since I took that trip in October last year to check out the new 2007 banner hanging from Fenway. I'm taking a trip back to Boston in alittle over a month to watch 3 games, but more importantly to watch a friend of mine see Fenway for the first time in his lifetime....and THAT is going to bring tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful his family is being understanding in this adventure for him. I'm so happy that he is finally going to get goosebumps and chills just from walking inside a ballpark. I'm so excited to be able to say that I am going to BE there when it happens. I'm glad I was able to see the Ring Ceremony today on NESN. It meant alot to me. We won the game which was awesome!
Baseball is here. Finally. Winter is done and the sounds and smells of the game are upon us. I can exhale now.
Well....I'll exhale in October.


Sparkle Plenty said...


Ted D said...

Hey! I'm that friend!

Tex, after watching the video of the ring ceremony last night, my nerves are pretty raw, so your post means A LOT. Getting to go, finally, to Fenway is a life long dream.

But after we bacame such good friends, it just wouldn't seem right if you weren't there too.

Means the WORLD to me you are going to be there, and I'll be sitting with you, C, and hayes for my first time.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Tex--Some time I'll get all caught up and will cease and desist leaving belated comments. Some time! Belated comment: I really like your poem "The Lost." Look forward to seeing more. Rock on, cowgirl poet!

Tex said...

thanks Sparkles. and sometime ill get caught up in my blogging :)