Monday, July 12, 2010

Home Run King

Maybe that magic wand I posted worked?   Or maybe Papi came back?  Or maybe Ortiz was pissed at Girardi for not selecting Youk to be on the All Star Team?  or maybe...just maybe the Red Sox luck is turning a corner and we're on our way to a more healthy team. 

I didn't even watch it tonight....I get so tired of the whole mess of the All Star thing cos it's messed up.  If it's exhibition then why does it make or break who gets home team advantage.  Funny thing, Red on SG predicted Tiz to win it.  Ok now...Red predict our boys to get healed.

Even so....I'm not watching the All Star Game.


Ted D said...

You won't watch the game? Gotta watch the Midsummer Classic.

Tex said...

friends are hounding me to watch. I really could care less about it.
But Im heading north and my friend up there wants to meet to watch it
I guess I will