Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roll of the Dice and We Win and Beckett is on his way back

**photo taken by Kelly O'Connor...used with permission plus I begged for one knowing she was at the Pawtucket game today. 

His name is Joshua Patrick Beckett....he's one of our Starting Pitchers for the Red Sox.  Yah I know he's been out alot but so has alot of other players.  Beckett threw today in the game at Pawtucket and apparently did good.  I begged Kelly on her facebook page for a picture....knowing she probably just sat down at her computer...I've just been so anxious to see him back in our rotation. I'm hoping he'll be Beckettesque and give us what the Dr orders.  You can catch the story over on the Globe where Mike Scandura reports the game.  Beckett threw 68 pitches....42 strikes with 4 K's and no Walks. Ok so one homerun hit off of him, however, the catcher, Wagner blamed himself for calling for the wrong pitch.  Beckett didn't give any chance at interview...but I'm sure he woulda set them straight.

Good News is DiceK pitched well. The boys took the game but we're back at 5 games back....I'm ready for the boys to get back on track and quit using up all their accrued Sick Leave.  Enough already


Ted D said...

I want that ornery Texan back throwing heat and spitting nails ASAP. Great to see him look so good today; hopefully he can be the Commander for the rest of the season.

Tex said...

I'm with ya. I'm just looking forward to seeing him in the August heat here