Monday, July 12, 2010

Three Days...Three Nights

The Sox have 3 days and 3 nights to get well.  I'm really hoping that they take advantage of it.  I don't want to hear excuses.....Papi's going to be swatting at some leather in L.A. and my boy Adrian is going to fill in for the game while the rest of the boys who are on the All Star list recuperate...along with the rest of the gang who are on Sick Leave.  I'd love to have a handy dandy Magic Wand to use in these next three days to heal broken bones, strained muscles, stiff necks, still backs, jammed thumbs or toes, etc.....I have to say I cannot rewrite any of the following any better than Peter Abraham.  I hate repeating what someone says but he gets to the point hitting the nail on the head

Instead of writing a long involved recap of the season to date, let me ask you this question.
If on Opening Day I said the following would be true at the All-Star break ...
* Josh Beckett would have one win.
* Jacoby Ellsbury would play nine games.
* Mike Cameron would have three home runs and 14 RBIs.
* Dustin Pedroia would hit .213 in May then go on the disabled list on June 26.
* David Ortiz would have one home run in April.
* Guys named Darnell McDonald and Daniel Nava would become regulars.
* Bill Hall would be in the top nine in plate appearances on the team
* Every reliever outside of Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon on the Opening Day roster would have ERAs over 4.59.
* Tim Wakefield would have the third-most innings pitched on the staff.
... would you have said the Red Sox would be 14 games over .500 and within three games of a playoff berth?
Probably not.

Nuff said....Let's Play Ball!!! 


Ted D said...

Wow. Seeing it all in writing only confirms one thing.

Tito should win manager of the year in a freaking LANDSLIDE.

Tex said...

I know Right???