Saturday, July 10, 2010

When do we get to see the Amusement?

Amusements Parks always have one....everyone wants to ride them because they're so exciting and fun.  They're fast....turns and circles and up and down....Everyone wants to ride's a staple icon in every Amusement Park.   Baseball parks are like that....they all have excitement at every turn of an inning.

Being a Red Sox fan this season is like riding a rollercoaster.....we're down...then we're up....we're down...then we're on. our. way. up......and we're                       

down again.....Looks like my Texas boy didn't quite do it for us today.  The Jays SP came out in 4th...I think somewhere around his 102nd pitch!!!!   And we were TIED even then. Perhaps it was the fact Lackey put 6 batters on base himself... No matter...Lackey lacked what it took....the Jays brought their bats with the runs and the Sox lost yet again. 

Tomorrow JiggleButt climbs on the mound to see what he can do to squash our pain...although I know he'll try our patience, I'm hoping he'll pull through and give us a W.  Thanks to Sharpy from SG for making these flags for me. 

Now I love myself a good State Fair with an awesome rollercoaster...but if someone could find the safety bar and lock it tight before the game, I'd appreciate it.  Last but not least...last year this seemed to work.  Maybe it will again


Ted D said...

Gotta love the rally picture. And Tex, if it was easy? Everybody would do it.

I'm just sayin'. ;)

Tex said...

I'm not looking forward to August heat at games. The fact they got Lee now....

Ted D said...

Gonna be tough. But we've beat him before.