Sunday, July 25, 2010

Screaming in Seattle

So Lackey flirted with one....boom it was gone, We won but he didn't get the stat. Beckett has good return...but we just can't do enough so he doesn't get the W.

Ok those are not our aces but we still what the heck happened last night???????????????

Lester's dealing K's like a BlackJack dealer in Vegas and yet we LOST. Lost BIG!!!  Flirting with a No-No and No Name Eric can't seem to catch a simple ball out to him.  Yah I blame him.  Sure Lester allowed a homerun after that so BOOOOOOOOOOM....2-1.

NO MORE of this DRAMA!!!!   WIN...boys just WIN.
oh and No Pic cos the one of me putting the boys balls in a vicegrip is not allowed on the net.


Ted D said...

They didn't listen.

Tex said...

Move along..nothing here nothing here