Monday, April 11, 2011

Execution Texas-Style

There are many faces of Beckett.  There's the tall Texan cowboy who loves to hunt deer and does a pretty good job of it.  There's the boy who loves his loyal new puppy.

Then there's the man who loves a good party and hanging out with his friends.  Maybe even listening to some tunes of a country singer.

But when we think of Beckett, typically this is the one we like to think of  (I think they're missing one of the K's) and tonight we had a time machine moment where Vintage '07 Beckett stepped out onto the mound and gave us a performance that rattled ole George's bones.  The Opening Day Win was awesome and very much appreciated by the fans.....but tonight's Win.  Tonight's Win was Magic. It was like Beckett took on this western persona of good versus evil...strapping on his gun for hire and lacing it down his thigh tightly while fingering the trigger waiting for a reason to finish off anyone who got in his way.  Joshua Patrick came to town looking to end this silly rumor that the Sox weren't in it to play.  That the team on paper was just an illusion. a fantasy.  We've been looking for a hero in one of the pitchers to step up and show us how it's done.  Make the Yankees shut up and go home.  8 innings. Shut-out. 10 K's later.  All we needed was Wild Thing to come in and mop up  the floor. 

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Ted D said...

Tex, he was vintage Beckett last night. He pitches like that the rest of the year? Look out.