Monday, April 11, 2011

From The Executer to Can we Execute Him?

Beckett set us up.  He drew us in with that fabulous magnificant performance Sunday night....just so we could be sucked down the proverbial drain with Dice-K.  All the talk about if anyone would be booing or cheering for Johnny as he returned to Fenway with the Rays....but when in reality the Boos would be reserved for the implosion coming from the pitchers mound when the Sox took it. Johnny started it off with a Dinger into the bullpen in the 1st inning....and if that wasn't enough by the end of the 2nd inning the Sox were trailing 7-0 with the help of some Elmer Fuld (Sam Fuld to be exact) rookie playing for his first MLB game.  Thank GOD Tito didn't wait around past the 3rd and brought in Wake. (never thought I'd say that).  Tomorrow is Lester and I'm just praying Lester thinks its May or June or September...and the bats from Friday or Sunday show up cos quite frankly I NEED a Winning team in my life right now. 

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Ted D said...

Every year you get a bowling-shoe ugly game. Last night was it.