Sunday, April 24, 2011

Moving ON UP....on the East Side

***all pictures taken off of Boston Globe used without permission***

On Monday, we were in Last Place.  Today we're in 3rd....the boys are on a west coast swang thang and hitting it hard.  We've won 8 out of the last 9 games.....DiceK has went all GodZILLA on the teams and Jed Sox is leading us to freedom.  Muy Grande Winner Joshua Patrick is back...Joshy is gone.  Lester's getting closer to May and feeling good.  Heck even Carl's starting to hit.  Today Lackey is on the mound....facing whoever that team in Anaheim is.  Happy Easter to my fellow friends who Believe.  And Happy Sunday to those who don't.  Either way...I love all of you the same.  Now

Let's Play BALL                                                              AND WIN

***EDIT   Lackey stood strong today....SHUT OUT on the Angels 


Ted D said...

Can't you see Pedie strutting through the clubhouse like George Jefferson? This has been some fun baseball to watch for sure; here's to keeping it up next week in Baltimore.

Tex said...

Here's to keeping it up while I'm at FENWAY THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!