Friday, April 15, 2011

We have an old saying in Delta House: Don't get Mad, Get Even

Last Year at SXSW, I attended this's a movie about fraternity hazing gone wrong.  I know you're thinking Oh GREAT....some dorky Animal House wannabe but it is FAR from Animal House and I'd suggest if you get the chance to ever see it, DO.  But this poster for the film just really speaks to me about our boys...hazing is all about seeing how bad boys want into a what lengths will they go??  So maybe this whole losing streak is a hazing of test test us....just how BAD do the Sox want it?  Do they want to win?  Do they WANT a pennant? or another World Series?   On paper they appear to the The Team to beat....but on the field they've been The team that GETS beat...senseless sometimes.  Yeah I know we took the Yankee series but there are about 5 more of those I think and if we continue like this, I'm not sure we'll take the rest of them.  We are 2-9.  TWO WON and NINE LOST!!!

But I'm going to remain faithful and keep watching and rooting for them. WHY?? Because they are MY Team.  They are YOUR Team.  The Red Sox are Boston's TEAM and we should be Behind them rooting for them.  You want to yell at someone???  Yell at your neighbors when they're slamming doors or playing their music too loud.  Yell at the idiots who cut you off or the cashier who shorts you your change.  Yell at Mother Nature for not bringing Spring early.  Yell at the dang jurors who didn't find Bonds guilty of ALL charges.  But do NOT YELL at the Red Sox or Boo Them.....Just ask them....HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? 


Ted D said...

Beckett wanted it.

Tex said...

Loved the news!!!