Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someone PLEASE Light The Fire

It all begins with a strike of a match .....it's a simple act.  Very deliberate. With Purpose and all the elements just follow the lead. One after the other ignites. Each feeding off of the one before.  Fiery and blazing. Burning with desire and anything that gets in it's way is annihilated. 

Lighting the fire seems easy......keeping the flames going is tougher.  If you're good at stoking the fire you ends up walking away from the embers you left behind.

Now if we can just get the Red Sox on board with this Philosophy and Way of Thinking

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Ted D said...

If Jim Morrison wasn't dead I'd suggest having him give the team a pep talk. As it is, if they don't kick start this thing I'm sending JB, a gas can, and one of those candles that won't go out down to Lansdowne Street.