Saturday, December 23, 2006

and so it is Christmas....

It's Christmas time and while all are scurrying about grabbing sweaters off the rack and bumping elbows to get the last DiceK shirt....I'm happy sitting behind this screen writing. You see a few years back my family decided that we had lost our way in the meaning of Christmas. So we don't do the gift swapping between all of us. Don't get me wrong...the kids get gifts at our family gathering. We buy our parents gifts. With 5 kids in my family and so many grandkids, we don't buy for one another because we would be going either broke or receiving some stupid gift we wouldn't use. So now...we have our food, drink and fun gathering and play the game..."what's that baby's name and who's the daddy?" (don't'd take me a couple of blogs to explain it)

and so tonight I am headed off to buy me PJ's I can wear in public to eat breakfast in as my sis and her family eat at the local Waffle House on Christmas Morn before opening presents.

Ok bought some PJ's but not happy with I think I am bringing them back today and buy some more. I don't recall being so obsessed with a New Year's outfit as this!!

ok Back with new PJ's! so I went all out...pj's, houseshoes and a new fluffy robe!! I will be the smartest PJ dresser at Waffle House.


NJ Sox Fan said...

What's the baby's name and who is the daddy.... I can only imagine.

JET said...

I'm so with ya Tex on the not needing a buncha gifts you can't use, and much prefer just going out for good eating and drinking with the loved ones!

Merry Christmas. Enjoy your pj's and breakfast!

Ted D said...


Thanks again for your "push" today! If I can find the time with all these younguns, I'm gonna try to post often.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and for a blessed and great New Year.