Sunday, December 31, 2006

Live Music Guy

I had my new year's eve post all figured out. I went on my trail walk to begin my new year and as usual I get into heavy thought while walking. I started thinking about how everyone dives into Spring Cleaning discarding all the things they don't need. So I had this whole post figured out discussing how we should do Spring Cleaning in our hearts, souls and lives each New Years.

But then....things happen to change your mind.

SO there I am on my last leg of the trail and it's kicking my butt cos I haven't exercised in about 4 months. All of a sudden I hear music....Live Music! I can't figure out what or where it's coming from....I round the curve and there stands this man with guitar in hand and harmonica in mouth playing his heart out. It's got a real jazzy flavah. I'm thinking to myself "if he thinks he's gonna make some one has their wallets!" But then as I get closer I realize there is no bucket or hat for money. I realize that he's just simply playing for OUR Pleasure! Someone giving with no hopes of anything in return. People are buzzing by on their bikes, running in pairs, or like me just walking. Live Music Guy is playing his heart out...but I don't see no one saying anything. I see a big ole guy come up the trail towards him running...Live Music Guy takes his mouth off the harmonica and says in the most friendly voice possible "SMILE". The runner smiles really big. By then I am almost to Live Music Guy...and I am smiling big at him...again Live Music Guy takes his mouth off his harmonica for just a sec and says "Happy New Year" I return the salutation to him and turn back to walking away. All he wanted was to make me smile.

But then I turn my head back and shout back to him "Thank You!" He keeps playing that harmonica simply nodding at me with a smile.

I think my new year just started off on the right foot on the walking trail.


Ted D said...

First Post!

Happy New Year Texas. GREAT story. I love how life can just have these random, unexpected surprises that obviously made your day.

I wish nothing but happiness and blessings to you Texas in 2007.

warmwater shelfish.

Ted D said...

Texas, I'm outpacing you now!

Thanks for all your kind words.


Ted D said...


Thanks for your comments at SG and my blog.

Wrote a little something for Johnny Pesky tonight.


Ted D said...

Tex, you promised a new post. YESTERDAY! You get me started on one, and you quit!