Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thanks Baggie for Everything!

It's not easy saying goodbye, especially when you still have so much more to give. Jeff Bagwell, affectionately known as 'Baggie', is retiring because his body says it's time to go home. His heart, spirit and soul are still very much on fire for the game but his body is telling him it's time. It's hard to admit that you're actually getting too old to play anymore so I admire Baggie for saying "I don't want to embarrass myself..". At least he gets it so that he goes out with a bang and memories for all of us to live on.

I remember him coming onto the team as I was excited that Texas got a Boston player since I was just becoming a fan of the team with Roger there. Bagwell wasn't sure about moving here but he became one of Houston's most beloved and admired players.

Baggie isn't going far as he will continue to work with the Astros in some capacity for their minor league teams in Round Rock and Corpus. I hope to catch a closer glimpse of him and perhaps get an autograph of a future HOFer hopeful.

Goodbye to one of the most devoted Astro players Houston will possibly ever have...he played with heart and soul. I know that Baggie will pass on this trait to the newer younger players in the minor league.


John said...

Always had a lot of time for Bagwell.

//work with the Astros in some capacity for their minor league team//

Just so he doesn't teach the kids his stance in the batter's box :)

Tex said...

I liked his stance. It set him apart from others