Sunday, December 10, 2006

Migraines....suck like waiting on Winter Meetings

Anyone have a hammer? Dealing with migraines are a bitch! it's like this heavy foot pushing against your brain and your mind's in a fog. I try to make sure I keep my meds on hand but apparently I fell down on the job with that this weekend. No meds around and 3 shots of expresso ain't seeming to do it either. I swear there's an invisible vice grip on my head. Now would someone kick Boras' ass and maybe THAT would relieve some of this pressure. yeah THAT's it! The stress of waiting on Dice-K getting signed is causing this migraine! I hope Boras gets a freaking Migraine after causing us Red Sox fans so much stress!! here's a little haiku:

Winter Meetings suck
like a vice grip on my brain
Boras sign Dice-K.

1 comment:

kaylee said...

haha nice post.YES BORAS AND THEO agree on a deal and save us the misery.