Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Would someone please tell me........

Why does Texas get such a bad rap?? I mean we have this glorious state that can fit a hundred Rhode Islands in (ok maybe not a hundred) But it's a BIG ASS state. We have beaches (maybe not the best), mountains (maybe not the highest), rolling hills ( THE Prettiest), a canyon (2nd largest in Nation), tons of rivers, caprock and flatlands. I mean EVERY type of geographical land.

We have So many ethnic groups who settled here: the Germans and Czechs, the French and Indians, hell our population of Hispanics are most likely outnumbering the Caucasians. We have Houston and Dallas for big city life. We have El Paso, San Antonio and Corpus for the mexicano flavor. The Golden Triangle (Port Arthur, Beaumont and Orange) in Southeast Texas is full of Cajun laissez bon temps rouller.

Head out to West Texas and North Texas and you'll find oil and ranchers. The Panhandle of Texas boast of the best beef raised. And we can't forget those cowboys...NO I am NOT talking about Football. I am talking about those beautiful lanky fillintheirwranglerjeans men with cowboy hats to boot (pun intended). Yiiiiiii HAW! and of course there are us bigger than life Texas Gals who just LOVE to laugh.

Remember the Alamo!! our state Capitol is taller than the US Capitol!

I am damn proud to be from Texas so I wish the rest of the world would just leave us alone and quit stereotyping us as dumb country folk.

and for YOUR information "W" was born in Connecticut.


Jere said...

Actually, you CAN fit a hundred Rhode Islands in Texas. And 73.8 more after that.

I think people don't like Texas because of the attitude that Texans SEEM to have about being the biggest and best, and being its own country. (I've never heard anyone badmouth the landscape, though.)

You may say, Well, New Yorkers say they're the biggest and the best... Well that's why a lot of people hate New York, too! Don't worry, there's plenty of hate to go around!

(Note: The one place in Texas that I've heard is "cool" and that's "oh, dude, you'd like it, it's not like the rest of Texas" is Austin. Any opinion on that place?)

And, like W, I was born in Connecticut. And y'all can have him!

Jere said...

Oh, whoops. You LIVE in Austin. So I guess you like it. Sorry. So why didn't you mention it in your great things about Texas post? Or maybe I missed that, too.....

Tex said...

Most people all know about Austin and think it's the only city in the state that is great. However I like to talk about the other parts of the state cos with traveling for my job I have gotten to see lots of Texas that even I never seen. And I did mention our state capitol which is taller than the US capitol.

Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the World! and as we all say there...Keep Austin Weird!

scruffysmileyface said...

Any place can have its high points and its low points. Houston, for example (where I live, thank you very much), has the tallest building in Texas, the highest per capita income of any US city except New York and LA, and the fourth largest population in the US. It has world-renowned opera and theater, one of the world's finest medical centers, and is the home of both the US oil & gas community and the US space exploration community.
But it also has a high crime rate, Texas's second-highest illegal immigration percentage, and a serious poverty & homelessness problem.
I think it's asinine to care where Bush was born. Millions of people have been born in both Texas and Connecticut, both good and bad - doesn't say anything about either place.
When people give a place a bad reputation, it's because of their own ignorance. Nothing more. You can find wonderful things about any place in the world, and not-so-wonderful things about them, too. Although, I've found that the not-so-wonderful things are usually caused more by the people you run into than by the place itself.
Just my thoughts, I guess.