Friday, October 12, 2007

Muy Grande Pitching

"Winning the World Series and shooting a big old buck are the same kind of feeling. They're such a huge rush. There's nothing else that's given me that kind of feeling in my life." That's a quote from Beckett back in 2005 from a Field and Stream magazine. According to Josh, he's a huge fanatic of hunting....he even won the Muy Grande in 2002. Tonight Josh was the Muy Grande of Fenway Park. He came in to hunt for his game...the Indians and got them.
He only allowed 4 hits and 2 runs, one of them being a Pronker Homer....but no walks. Meanwhile, Sabathia just allowed hit and hit then helped us with the go ahead run by a walking it in.
I'm sorry for the time off of the board but I just took a Muy Grande new Job and have been really busy and my home computer went on the fritz and well I just have a life ya know :)
But today I got back on track....just in time for the ALCS....and just in time for Josh. My good ole Texas boy.


Ted D said...

Tex, are you implying I have no life? :)

Good to have you back: and your boy did just fine tonight. It's a good time to be a Sox fan. No MFY's. Division champs. And now, a 1-0 lead over the Tribe. Let's just hope Schill keeps it going tomorrow.

Tex said...

as I see it. We have 2 pitchers who have won WS other than on the Red Sox in 2002 and 2003 pitching back to back...not to mention Timlin.

Mattie said...

Tex, all I have to say is:


beckperson said...

Nice updates on the blog, missy! So long as I live, I will always link you and Josh Beckett.

Curt will sack up tonight - I can feel it in my bones!

Ted D said...

I see you got the picture thing figured out: good for you!

Tex said...

too bad Beckett doesnt link me with him :) Hey Id be happy to be the older woman he hangs out with.

just once in my lifetime..I would LOVE to at least to have ONE short conversation with i did with Timlin. Well that and to show him my tat. :)

Ted D said...

Just go pitch a tent outside his place in Texas this offseason Tex! Your'e trained in law enforcement!

Tex said...

or better yet...I could arrange a hunting trip to his ranch :)

flaunt my red sox gear with camo....saw the "f" word alot...put a Budlite box on my head...I figure that'd get me some attention eh? :)

HorshamScouse said...

Welcome back, Tex.
Another no doubter from your man Josh. Muy grande indeed.

KAYLEE said...


btw thanks for looking after me :P