Friday, August 31, 2007

It Stops Now

Yah I know that's a Devil Ray but
that's not jus any Devil Ray, it's
Carlos Pena of Haverhill, Mass...
an Ex Red Sox Player. The Devil
Rays played the Evil Empire
tonight and beat them with the help of
Pena and his 2 homeruns. So even though we lost again tonight....the Yankees lost with the help of a Mass boy who used to play for in a way Pena did it for us. I tried to think of something to say about the game here but I needed a a diversion so I went looking...and what you see is what you get. Tomorrow Buchholz is back on the mound. You remember him? Another Texas boy from near my hometown. Tomorrow is August 1st....and the bleeding stops now.

I'm counting on my Texas boy to do it.


sittingstill said...

Tex, darlin'... it's September 1st. I'm not living through August again!

Happy roster expansion day!

Ted D said...

I'm with Kelly Tex: other than Ciera's birthday, August blew!

Bucholtz is getting the start tonight? Sweet: I was working and only got to hear his first game in bits and pieces on the radio.

Yankees lost, we lost, and it's like it never happened. Tonight we get the mojo back on the arm of your Texas boy.

Have a great Saturday.

Tex said...

i was sitting here very still :)
pondering what in the hell kelly meant...::slaps forehead::

::goes off to change my post::

wait...naw cos then it wont be as funny.

OK I MEANT Sept 1st!!!