Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gone to Lunch

No, my blog isn't under construction.....just my life. I've got a lot of things going on and quite frankly, my creativity is drained at the end of the day for blogging. I don't have heathens running around acting like rodeo clowns and trapeze artists to give me material.
I just wanted to write alittle to let ya know that I need time the next couple of weeks to gather my senses and thoughts so I don't need anyone asking "HEY TEX..when ya gonna blog a new post?" Cos I'm telling ya now. I'll blog when I blog.
And'll have to figure out how to make your own signs. Now that your linked :)


Ted D said...

I have to figure it out on my own? We both know how that is going to work out, Tex.

Sorry things have been so crazy for you. And as much as I want to pick on you, I'll hold off. Promise.

I hope things get better sooner rather than later for you sis. And I know I've got more material; the trade off is you have more time to actually think and reflect. I'm afriad when that time comes for me I'll have forgotten what it was I wanted to reflect on.

I'm an email away if you want to scream and yell.

Tex said...

I just someone to pay for a week long at a spa so I can be pampered and waited on.

thanks Ted. i know you can figure out how to adjust pictures. right?

Ted D said...

No Tex, I can't. But that's OK.

You getting back to your normal ball busting self will be enough.

Let me know if I can help.

Sparkle Plenty said...

HI, TEX! I totally understand lives under construction, crazy weeks, drained creativity, and a paucity of heathens/rodeo clowns/trapeze artists.

So, I'm a'sendin' good vibes your way. The way I figure it, in this time of flux you will very likely produce some more excellent poems. Times like these are made for writin' 'em. Be well! :-)

Tex said...

Sparkles. already wrote one today. sometimes i have to withdraw to get to the outside

Tex said...

oh and thanks for the positive vibes girl!

Bickley said...

Just discovered your blog from a link of another Sox fan. I'm also a Texan Red Sox fan. I live 10 minutes from Rangers Ballpark and go there frequently. I do root for the pathetic Rangers, but when the Sox are in town, all bets are off, baby! I show up in full Red Sox regalia! My wife, youngest daughter, and I will be traveling to baseball heaven this year in July to see the Sox play the Evil Empire!! Yeah!! Some dreams do come true! Also, I love your picture of the road sign. Never saw that one before...I'll look for it next time I'm down around Glen Rose. I believe. Twofer in '08!

hayes said...

to pay for a week long at a spa so I can be pampered and waited on. ////

We'll do it! Come on up!

See you on the other side job is trying to kill me too.


CresceNet said...

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Ted D said...

Keep your head up, hayes. And just punch candaon once or twice; you'll feel better!

Tex, you're missed. Hope the job eases up in the next few days.

beckperson said...

OK, girl, I will pamper the hell out of you in May! :)