Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Buddies

I know I've been missing in action and been worrying my lil brother Ted but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm A-OK as I've just been partying with my good buddy Beckett down at the ranch. Yah I know but someone's gotta party with Josh since Lowell, Clay and Jon got skeered away from all that gun-toting scene. Mike was gonna come but he got did all his wild hog hunting down around Florida with Wakey so me, Josh, Kevin, George and some other good ole boys just hung out round the campfire talking bout our drunk stories. I lost count of how many times the "F" bomb was dropped although it became a contest between Josh and I and if I was making as much money as he did...I think I woulda been able to beat him. I had to resort to throwing things in the pot whenever I said it instead of money or guns.....and before I knew it, I had lost everything but my shirt...wait...nevermind forget that last comment. was a long weekend partying and now I'm back in rare form ready and rearing to take on the world. Beckett's been practicing his pitching by throwing the ball at the deer instead of using his guns. Baseball's make a fairly good weapon when hunting does...but not so much against the bucks. Well, Tex is back and I was just wanting ya not to worry but thanks for thinking of me and keeping me in your thoughts.


Ted D said...

Tex, I'm glad you're OK, but I'm worried this work week has made you lost your mind! GREAT post, btw.

Your love of Beckett obviously knows no bounds. And I STILL say the guy who played Call looks like Beckett, no matter what you say.

How awesome would it be if he signed you flag during Tedapalooza? ;)

Tex said...

I think i have lost my mind. I was sitting there admiring my Hi Tex on Becketts picture and thought "wouldnt it be cool to have a pic with him?"

what do they say? the rest is history :)

and ok the guy who plays Call looks like Beckett when Beckett is older...that guy is hotter than Beckett though.

if Beckett signs my flag while you're at Fenway. you're coming to all the games I go to for good luck

Ted D said...

As long as you buy the ticket, you've got a deal. ;)

Ted D said...

That is one big a** deer.

Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

I thought I heard some boisterous, raucous noise from down south the other night. I could see the smoke of a distant campfire and I figured someone was having a rowdy good time ... glad it was you and Josh.

I like that idea of deer hunting with baseballs. We like to go "rabbit scooping" in a pickup with one of those long poles with a net on it. It gets so exciting, we almost spill our beer.

Glad you're back, Tex.

Ted D said...

I'm STILL trying to figure out how you did that picture of you and Beckett.

Most likely I'll try for a few days, then email you begging for you to tell me how you did it.

Tex said...

it wasnt easy. but im trying anything now to get linked. im still jealous :)

Ted D said...

Don't be jealous. In my case it's got to be the stories about the hooligans.