Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Place

After tonight's act of lies and bad hair of my former reason I am a Red Sox fan....I needed my happy place. This is my little hidey hole I found on Town Lake last year after walking it many months. There's steps that leads down to this...and it's well hidden. You can't see this from the walking trail above and the steps are almost hidden as well....but once down here you're in paradise....and after listening to the big FUT and blinking eyes along with deep gulps and waffling of whether or not he's going to retire....I needed this happy place to breathe in and breathe out. Then I thought of another picture that makes me smile

My son and I while I was back home during the holidays. We're celebrating our 50th and 30th birthdays this year. My plan is for my birthday is Salem, Massachusetts to celebrate halloween in one of the most infamous cities known for witches. No, I'm not a witch or into that....but I'm just wanting to do something crazy for my 50th. And what better way to top off baseball season other than the World Series Parade AND my birthday up there? What?? you think I'm joking? See me at the end of October...and let's see who's right.


Ted D said...

Tex, I thought about you today and during Roger's interview I felt for you. It's gotta be tough seeing the reason you became a Sox fan going through so much crap.

That is a very nice picture of you and Josh; looks like he loves his Mom a whole lot. I don't know if I'll make your 50th, but we'll celebrate a little in May, right?

Have a safe trip tomorrow.

Tex said...

thanks Ted. its ok. Im over it.

im still letting this birthday settle in...i cant be that old yet

hayes said...

I'm so hitching my train to the birthday trip to Salem...must bring witchy woman Nance as well.

Mainecatwoman said...

"bad hair"


Katiee said...

you're seriously 50?!?! I'm not even kidding you look younger lol
and Salem sounds like fun

Beazer said...

Holy cow does he look like you!

What a great picture!