Thursday, November 26, 2009

Don't you feel bad now?

Now look at that precious face! And to think this bird is cooking in that hot oven of yours getting all juicy and all ready to make a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

or you could do like my good friend Josh Blue up in Boston and they're saving a Turkey's life today by eating Steak. I think he's channeling his inner Texas myself.

All of you have a Grand Thanksgiving Day and be thankful for all you have, all you don't have and be content. If we'd all be more content with the simple things of life, we would be happier and relaxed folks.



Ted D said...

We disposed of one of these today, but Sat at the in-laws? London Broil.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sis. Hope this is the start of a great holiday season for you and your family.

Jason said...

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Ted D said...

Jason has been everywhere today.