Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Joie de Vivre is having lagniappe in your Gumbo then going to the Fais Do Do

This morning I'm celebrating my cajun heritage in preparation for some friends coming over to see "Janis". The artist who created Janis is coming as well. I hope everyone loves Janis as much as I do.

I've got Recycled Cajuns playing in the background with the smells of andouille sausage and file in the air.

After we have good food and good company, we're heading out to the Oasis to listen to Seth Walker, one of my favorite musicians whose based here in Austin. He's actually from North Carolina(looks at Ted) and you can see where he gets his blues heart from. I'm hoping the Time Machine is there so I can go pick up my good friends Becks and Bobbers so they can enjoy our last time there.
Becks, ya have your dancing shoes on cos I'll be there to pick you up around 7:30pm tonight!!!


akajetison said...

I'm packing my extra terrestrial carry on

Ted D said...

I didn't know Walker was from NC. Sweet! And the food looks great!