Saturday, November 07, 2009

Superman Ain't Got Nuttin on Mighty Mouse

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Thursday afternoon just north of Austin there were hundreds of those preparing for deployment at the Ft. Hood service center. Families worried about if their loved ones will return from Iraq or Afghanistan. What no one was expecting was to receive 'that phone call' before their loved one left.

So my previous post, I didn't put the 'news' that was reported which we later
found out untrue probably due to reporters not doing a thorough job...but the shooter is still alive but in a coma, unable to tell us WHY.

So far, 13 have died from this tragedy....rumor is the wounded who number over 30 are still not out of harm's way so we could see possibly the death toll to rise. I'm praying not for that to happen.

I'd like to shift the focus on those who Acted during this terrifying incident. Sgt. Kimberly Munley who was a police officer for Ft. Hood Police Department. Married to a Army guy in North Carolina and with a 3 yr old daughter...she may be from North Carolina but she acted in the stereotypical Gutsy Texan Gal way. A brief description but you really need to read about her cos she's a role model for all young girls and women who aspire to work in the field of criminal justice to let them know that size does not matter. She stands about 5'2" but a former co-worker of hers in North Carolina calls her Mighty Mouse because apparently, Kim was no stranger to running to danger.

Slowly stories of heroic acts are coming to light but an overall synopsis of the scene was people were ripping off their shirts to make bandages and tourniquets, breaking table legs off to create stretchers, covering civilians with their bodies, etc.

I'll be posting on the victims as their stories are being told as well. Such a sad sad tragedy. It's already hard to comprehend why someone goes on these sort of rampages and what drives them...but what's difficult for those in the military to accept right now is one of their own turned on them...innocent people who were just working for their country doing what they loved.
The answer Why...may never be enough

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Ted D said...

Such a sad story, Tex. Prayers to all the victims families and those still fighting to hang on.