Thursday, November 05, 2009

Who's Studying the Studiers?

Sending out Prayers to all those who lost their loved ones today...and Prayers to all those wounded and getting treatment. Rumors flying around. Assumptions are being made. These facts remain: 12 lives (one of which was a civilian police officer) were killed in cold blood by this man and 31 were injured. He acted alone. This man was a Major in the Army and one of our psychiatrists who helped our soldiers in mental health issues. He was born an American. He was not wanting to be deployed.

News reports are saying he's been 'on the radar' for the last six months....due to some internet postings about suicide bombs and threats.

Recently there was a serial killer (registered sex offender) arrested accused of killing about a dozen people as they found bodies in this house. Also, a father and upstanding father in a church killed his family then himself.

I work in the criminal justice field and have been for over 20 years. I try to not be cynical...but it's hard.

EDIT: It had been reported the shooter was dead. But apparently the sick psychiatrist lives and is in stable condition. He was shot 4 times by the same officer...and yet he still lives?

I am not cynical I am not cynical I am not cynical

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