Sunday, November 08, 2009

God is Great, Beer is Good, (some)People are Crazy

This Ranger friend of mine loves this song and sings it almost unconsciously when he's around...but with the past week of tragedy, it really just fits. But I have to say that amidst when tragedy occurs, those around come to the rescue and do the right thing. My Red Sox groups that I've become friends with are like that. We formed a bond...we have something very passion in common. So when one of our own has trouble and we can do something, we try.

It's what happened when at Ft. Hood this week an enlisted soldier who for reasons still unknown took the lives of other enlisted soldiers and one civilian who worked to help enlisted soldiers. That story was the Headlines in papers and television crews across the nation. But what happened next is REALLY the news.

You have officers risking their lives for others, people making bandages and stretchers out of whatever they could to help those wounded, you have hundreds coming to the hospitals to give blood even if they didn't know any of the victims, you have soldiers going to visit the wounded soldiers in the hospital even if they don't know the soldiers, and before you know it, each community that the fallen came from will rise up and have a benefit in that person's ask how can I know this?? I'm watching and reading and seeing every single day someone new doing something to help.

so in reality that song is partially's only some of the people are crazy and cause us pain....the rest of us clean up the mess they made and restore our faith in humanity and God.

Cos it's what we do.

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Ted D said...

Well said, Tex. And that song is 100% correct.