Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cleaning out the Past...

So I decided to do the post I was going to do for New Years but was derailed.

Spring Cleaning: You're supposed to do spring cleaning in the spring right? But why wait till spring? Plus why would I want to stay inside during the spring and clean, especially during baseball season! So I call spring cleaning: New Year Clean UP.

It goes quite nicely with New Year's Resolutions because while you're thinking of what you want to do better or differently, clearing out things you want to rid your closets or house of helps you realize what you need to rid your life of.

We allow or bring people or things into our lives that are not healthy or good for us emotionally. We don't mean to, it just happens. Yah I know you can't rid your life of family for those who are quietly thinking of that family member who rubs you wrong. And if you're not the Boss you can't fire your lazy ass coworker. So what to do...what to do?

First, the healthy stuff:
I've been slowly making changes this past year so this one is not so hard for me, with the exception of drinking my dark beer. (I bought some Michelob Ultra Amber) I'm learning that eating healthy can taste good. It CAN!

Next is Exercise, the 8 letter word that should be a 4 letter word: You've heard the phrase: you snooze you lose. Well if you don't use your muscles, you'll lose them...well they'll just go flabby. You don't have to join a gym to exercise...just get some tennis shoes on and go walk. You don't have to powerwalk...just WALK. Add some light weights or exercise bands and you can keep your upper body strength in shape for years to come.

NOW for the real Clean UP
Getting rid of those people or things in your life that you know are holding you back. You know what they are and who they are. Limit your time around them. Stay away from those negative people. I think that's what I was doing when I moved to Austin. I was in this relationship that wasn't horrible, it just wasn't good for me and my true happiness. In fact, I had settled for mediocre. And that my friend is something No One should do. At my old job in my hometown, one of my coworkers realized that I was settling and one day as I was preparing to move to Austin and talking about leaving and my ex...he said to me "XXXX(calling me by my last name), Never Settle, in life or in love" I sat there KNOWING what he meant...and wanting to live that...I smiled and said "I won't". Upon getting settled into my new cubicle in Austin, I wrote on a Post-it "Never Settle" and stuck it to my computer. It remains there today.

So I cleaned house I cleaned the house of Tex...again. Cleansing is good for the soul they say. It also helps you to smell better.


Ted D said...

Great post Tex. You are funny as all get out most times, but you do the serious one's very well. Your last 2 posts have really been insightful. My Dad used to tell me you are known by the company you keep, and it sounds like you get that too. You are a good person Tex, and I wish you all the happiness in the world in 2007.

Tex said...

Thanks Ted. Most people who know me casually don't ever really see my serious side. I've been writing poetry since about age 12 and then got into writing journals. So blogging is similar but I am careful as to what I write here since it is public and all.

But those who really know me KNOW I am a very deep thinker. My poems typically reflect that.

JET's comment on my last post about how people come into and out of your life is so true. These last 3 years I've met so many new friends via the Net...either just on line or in person. But either way, it's enriched my life.

Ted I know you already "get it" as to what is important in life. Most people don't...and never do. Those are the people I try to clear my life of.

Ted D said...

Tex, I get it. I live for my wife and kids. They ARE my life.

Yeah, I would say most people on SG don't ever see your serious side! You are a bit of an instigator!

Tex said...

its all in good clean fun

Ted D said...

Texas, just wanted to say we miss you over at SG.

Hope you are back tomorrow!

Ted D said...


I reckon I'll forgive you for wanting to, you know, actually have a life and everything!

Have a great weekend!

Peter N said...

Thanks for visiting me!!! This is peter on Saturday, a warm CT. night! Stay well.......

Ted D said...

Good Sunday morning to you Texas. Hope you rode the ice storm out OK

Ted D said...

Tex, for my supposed "Blog guru", you really don't post new blogs much!