Monday, January 22, 2007

Red Sox Nation

If you would have told me 3 1/2 yrs ago that I would be planning annual vacations alone to Boston and spending any extra money I had in florida without seeing the beach, I would have told you HogWash! As I wrote on my original post last year, I fell in love with the Sox because of Roger....Because of a man who many in Boston loathe. So even though I was devastated when he left the team...I could not hate him. I couldnt hate the man who brought me to a place where I feel at peace...where I feel joy and laughter while watching them play. I can't hate him. On my first trip to Boston, I was with 3 other girls for a baseball trip. We went to games in Philly, New York and Boston. I have to say that when we got to Boston I was thrilled to be there. The day I walked into Fenway blew my mind. Walking up to the field seeing the diamond come into view.....then the Monster!!! I just stood there in awe.

From that day on I knew...I would be back again....and again. I met some great people each year but the oddest thing happens when you meet Red Sox fans: You become a part of a much bigger family than ever imagined, The Red Sox Nation. I have my own family who I love dearly. No one will replace them. They don't share the love I feel for the Sox....they tolerate it and even think its endearing. One of my niece's once asked me if my room was decorated like the show "Fever Pitch". I laughed and said, "of course not" (Well not my bedroom but shhhhh, what she doesn't know won't hurt her).

I begin meeting fans on line on the Red Sox message board and met many of them at Spring Training in 2005. The next thing I knew I was flying off to be at Opening Day just to celebrate with them, I didn't even have tickets! These people became friends off this board and were actually Friends! AND they wanted to be MY friends TOO!! They opened up their arms and welcomed me as a fan...never questioned my loyalty to the boys.....never doubted me. They opened their arms, their hearts, their homes, their pocketbooks...ok well maybe not their pocketbooks...BUT several of them gave me a bed to sleep in when I got into a jam. This Motley Crew or LaMotfers as we're called are dear to my heart. My friends here in Texas laugh at me saying that I'm going off with my serial killer internet friends. One of the girls and I have gotten to be pretty good friends and have used each other's homes for mini-vacations like for Austin City Music Festival (HEY I do like other things beside baseball), games at Anaheim and this year at San Diego! She's even coming in next month just to have baseball or music involved...well ok we will be going to see live music. I just can't believe how in a matter of a few years I have so many new friends all thanks to the internet and my passion for the Red Sox. This year our group is meeting for our 2nd annual July Gathering at the Game. 30 of us will gather and bring havoc upon Fenway....well maybe not havoc.

This year I started posting over at Surviving Grady at the coaxing of Soxonthebeach....and wouldn't you know it...this group is JUST as friendly and warm!! I will be going to games this year with a new group of friends I've yet to know who you are!!! I love this fan base and it's none like I've ever seen.

The Red Sox Nation reaches across our entire may be transplants who've moved or it may be those like me....who for some reason or another became a Red Sox fan, scuse me....a die-hard Red Sox fan till they day they die.


Ted D said...

Texas, I think this is my favorite post I've read by you. The internet has some negative aspects, but you wrote about one of the best. Getting to know new people. I have not met you yet, but some day I'd like to introduce my wife and children to my new friend, Tex! Have a good one.

Tex said...

Thanks Ted. Yah the internet can be your friend but unfortunately there are some very evil people in the world that use it to their advantage. I see people sueing companies and all like myspace for their part in men preying on unsuspecting kids...but sometimes those parents need to realize it was their responsibility to WATCH what their kids were doing on the net!

I never in my life thought I would have this whole group of friends due to my love for baseball.

Ted D said...

We keep the computer in my office, which is open into the living room: no wall there. And none of my kid's will EVER have a computer in their room or on their phone.

JET said...

// you know who you are!!! //

Me. :)
I'm one.
Can't wait.

John said...

// you know who you are!!! //
Me too! Seriously envious of the ST and other plans but RSN in SD should be great.