Sunday, January 28, 2007

Play Ball!!!!!!!!!!

I hate doctor's waiting rooms...mostly because strangers are staring at ya wondering why you are here, hmmmmmmmmmm. I hate virtual waiting rooms because the dang thing sits and goes hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I had to work Saturday morning so I could not get on early which meant I had to wait and wait and wait.... Finally I decided to forgo the Saturday, July 21st game I wanted with the White Sox (thanks to my new SG friend Kelly she scored us tickets for the Friday game) and got 2 tickets to the Wednesday game with the Kansas City Royals...of which I am going to the Monday night game too with my LaMotfer gang. SO I decided to not be greedy again. I have 3 games I'm attending while in Boston this year. Plus I am going to all 3 games of both series while the Boys are in Arlington, Texas. AND I am going to the 3 game series in San Diego this year!! (Yay another Park!!) A total of 12 games in all! I say it every year that I will cut down on my tickets but I don't. Well I had planned on it for Texas but when a friend offered up he and his gf's home for me to crash at and they'll go to the games with me...heck that's saving me money from hotel bills! I can't turn that down.

Tickets for the Texas games don't go on sale till March 2nd...Texas Independence Day when I am going to be in Florida at Spring Training!!!! come they want to make it so hard for me??!! It's ok I got it covered...I got someone buying the Opening Day series tickets and I'm paying them later. I got People!!

I'll be going to a couple of Astros games as well this year as I always do...getting to see Loretta over there. Yah Baseball Season is near and I CANNOT WAIT! 162 Games of Die Hard Pleasure and Pain....You are welcome to join me. If you approach my front door and you hear screaming and yelling and worries...the baseball game has already started...don't knock just come in and grab a seat!


Ted D said...

Another post this week? What's gotten in to you?! I'm jealous of all the games you are getting to go to. So far, I've only got tickets for 2 in Baltimore in September. Gonna try to get to Atlanta also. You gotta take pictures at ST and email 'em to me. You guys are gonna have a blast! Have a great day Texas.

Tex said...

Well Ted you're making me look bad with all your blogging :)

I would love to watch the Braves but with all my work travel and my San Diego and Boston trip, I dont think it'll happen this time. I have a couple of friends who would do a roadtrip with me. Maybe I'll plan that next year. Oh you WiLL see the pics of ST I am sure...just maybe not ALL of them :)

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm SURE I won't want to see all of them! When is that again?

Sox on the Beach said...

I'm counting the minutes until Ft Myers!

Nice blog you got going here, girl. 'Bout time I posted!

Tex said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! SotB's in the house now!!!!!

Countdown SHALL Proceed!

Ted D said...

Tex, thanks for trying to help the mentally challenged tonight. I have no CLUE what I'm doing wrong, but I'll get Ang to help me link you up tomorrow. You are a saint: you never knew how serious I was about being an idiot, did you? :)