Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Post

So I'm on the countdown of my upcoming Spring Training trip. Nothing else seems to matter at this point but flying into Ft. Myers on March 1st and meeting up with 3 of my friends there at the airport. Our agenda is filled with many important events that will take place....going to baseball games, drinking, getting autographs, drinking, getting my cast autographed, drinking, walking on the beach, drinking, going to the SFAC charity dinner and drinking, drinking, going to Mona Lisa's bar and drinking, drinking, oh and did I mention drinking? Of course I'm just joking around about the drinking so much. Many things to watch out for are: foul balls and thrown bats, drunks on the road, and panthers. We all hope for a Schilling sighting again this year at the dinner.

The group I am meeting are off another board whom were a part of my 1st "internet serial killer" group of friends. It is amazing how we all became such good friends over the internet. Of course, being me I don't hang with just one click so I have now made friends with some on the SG board as well and cannot wait to meet them this summer...well I will get to meet Kelly at Spring Training! And come to find out Kelly already knows Cyn of my other friends! Small world!

All I know is in one month I will be flying for a little R&R to watch the Boys begin the Season and I'll hopefully get to see Dice-K pitch in one of the first games as a Red Sox....and my mouth widens to a smile right this minute.

no philosophy or thoughts of wisdom tonight from Tex.....just good ole' random posting about something I love.


kelly said...

Panthers! That's on my agenda. we apparently drove by a panther last year was I wasn't alert enough to spot it in time.

As soon as I'm through with the VWR today the prep begins in earnest--have to start the list of what has to be done before departure! Another memory card, new walking sneakers, two-gallon bottle of sunscreen... ^_^

It really is amazing how the right folks can find each other on the Internet. Really looking forward to meeting you in person!

Tex said...

Thanks Kelly! I have been so fortunate in meeting so many Red Sox fans who take me into the Nation as one of their own!

I have to make my list too....which includes my texas flag! :)

Ted D said...

Texas, I'm jealous, but I wish you and Kelly and everybody else a great time. I finally got to post earlier tonight. Terrible migraine yesterday. Sorry you are having to work this weekend, and hopefully you can rest tomorrow.

And be GOOD at ST! :)